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Meet The Colorado Experiential Counseling Team

We specialize in working with those who have experienced difficult life circumstances, feel hopeless, and anxious, and are often high achieving, but struggle with an inner voice that tells you that you'll never be good enough or that you are unlovable. You may work extra hard to combat this critical inner voice with overworking or people-pleasing, yet you're left feeling empty and insignificant at the end of the day.

The adolescents (15+), adults, and couples that we see often struggle with managing difficult emotions, anxiety, depression, and/or challenging behaviors. They have often experienced painful events in the past that they have buried. We use experiential & traditional evidence-based therapies to engage all of the brain and body. 


We hold the strong belief that people are perfectly imperfect. We view our clients as intelligent, curious, and resourceful individuals who have survived difficult life experiences. 

With each counseling and life coaching session, we provide a safe environment, value collaborative and creative approaches to our therapeutic work, and encourage professional excellence.

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The CEC Team

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